Carl Krambeck. Libertarian Candidate. IA Senate District 37.

Why vote Libertarian?

  • The Libertarian Party garnered 2% of the vote 2016 and obtained major party status in Iowa.
  • Recently, the Liberty movement has grown considerably as more and more Americans notice the steady erosion of their rights

Who is Carl Krambeck?

I live in Clarence Iowa with my beautiful wife and two amazing  children. I have renovated multiple homes, raised poultry, worked  multiple jobs throughout college, and presented at the Iowa Academy of  Science twice. In high school I went to State Speech multiple times. My  mother advocated against domestic abuse. My father and I built our own  trucking company. I come from a long line of scientists, engineers,  farmers, and mechanics. One of my uncles was a nuclear physicist and  another designed fiber optics for the US Navy and exploration companies.

Why vote Carl Krambeck?

I have worked in multiple agricultural and quality labs. I was the Research Center Supervisor for Hillshire Brands where I saved them $14 million per year on their operating costs. I’ve worked in multiple  manufacturing plants. I’ve started a trucking and small farming business  with my dad. I’ve worked in construction, and I now work in a Medical Laboratory. Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Trucking are some of the biggest industries in Iowa and I have firsthand knowledge  about every one of those industries.  

I put the basic functions of government such as protecting citizens from harm, protecting their property from theft, and upholding contractual obligations to the  highest standard. I believe in eliminating taxes that overburden the poor  and the middle class because I have been poor. I understand what obstacles are in the way of building up a strong economy and middle class in Iowa.