My Platform

Cutting Taxes

I favor cutting taxes from the bottom up, which is something that this last tax cut did not do. I would favor replacing this cut with a different one. Taxes need to be fair, low and able to attract new businesses to Iowa. The poor and middle class need to have the best tax cuts. I would not vote for a regressive tax system. We could lower taxes at the state level and give counties more tax options to encourage more local control. 

New Tax Revenue

Legalized Sports Betting, Legalized Marijuana, and Ending Certificates of Need would add 55 more rural healthcare facilities including 38 additional hospitals.  Granting more Casino Licenses, building Thorium Molten Salt Reactors, and making Iowa a "Right to Try" state for medical Research. These would all be billion dollar industries in Iowa generating a large  amount of tax revenue.

Agriculture & Water Quality

You have the right to do what you want with your land, but you do not have the right to pollute the water for everyone else. We need to make sure that Iowans can have access to clean, safe water. I do think we are close to the technologically that can provide cheaper means of lowering overall nitrogen dependence.


I would move to End Certificates of Need that impede competition in  Iowa Healthcare. We could have 55 more rural healthcare facilities, 38  more hospitals, at approximately 11% lower costs. Making Iowa a  Right to Try State for experimental research, over the counter birth  control, legalizing marijuana, and expanding key research projects would  also expand free market healthcare in Iowa. 


Ensuring a reliable increase in educational funding is a must in Iowa, but we cannot ensure this increase without new revenue streams. Iowa is broke. 

Mental Health

We should be expanding mental health services  overall, they are a net cost savings to the state. Our goal over all of  Iowa is to give every Iowan the chance to be a productive member of  society. No private alternative to severe cases has come up yet, although Lutheran Services does offer Mental Health solutions for milder cases. 

Drug Harm Reduction

After Portugal started treating drug addiction like a health concern rather than a criminal justice concern, heroin addiction  dropped by 75% (100K to 25K). Heroin deaths dropped by 85% (New York Times). Around 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses each year; if we had similar results compared to Portugal we would have saved 54,400 people’s lives. Libertarians don’t want people to do drugs; we want them to stop dying from them.


I would rather shift money from the Universities to the Community Colleges. The University of Iowa has $1.7 Billion in its foundation; they can absorb cost significantly more than the community colleges. Right now, the Community Colleges are going to give Iowa more of the skilled workforce that it needs.

Medicaid and Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare should be managed by the state. What we are seeing now is not privateization, it is a corporate handout. The current system leaves behind the elderly, disabled, and those in need of longterm care. Both Republicans and Democrats can at least agree to bring these individuals back to a state managed program. If an insurance company can not earn your money through voluntary exchange then the state has no business in handing it to them. 

2nd Amendment

Gun prohibition does not work.  I would support a Constitutional Carry bill that would allow you to legally carry a gun if you can legally own a gun, and are not inebriated. You have the right to defend your own life. 

Collective Bargaining

I would reinstate Collective Bargaining. We should not be ignoring our public workers. 

Clean Energy

We need to move this generation into the thorium energy age. We need energy that will not hurt the poor by raising their energy prices with expensive windmills and solar panels, and will not damage our planet like coal and natural gas. I will support all reasonable green energy initiatives. 

Traffic Cameras

We need to either regulate traffic cameras better or eliminate them entirely. Traffic cameras should be for public safety, not generating revenue. 

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